Subcity Radio’s Sierra Alliance host their first club night this Friday (4th) called 'Juke Til U Puke', inviting local crew Nightwave, Inkke and DJ Double Nugget to light up The Art School.

Ahead of the party, Double Nugget has invited the squad round to his flat for a ‘Team Stream’ tonight, featuring all of the above, plus Barow, Lima and DJ Lucky Brand. Expect a rapid mix of ghettotech, booty, juke and footwork, streamed live from the Sierra Alliance Facebook page.

Sierra Alliance have hosted mixes from Chicago legends DJ Deeon and Paul Johnson this year on Subcity Radio, while Nightwave featured on Boiler Room Paris and Inkke released his ‘Secret Palace’ EP on LuckyMe.

Watch The Team Stream between 6-10pm on the Sierra Alliance Facebook page.

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