With over a million views on UNILAD Sound and 280,000 on Twelve 50 TV, the video for ‘Vulcan’ by Paisley MC, Shogun, is blowing up.

The MC has been making waves recently with a series of clips showcasing his fiery flow and distinctly Scottish delivery. In the video for ‘Vulcan’ he’s joined by the M.F.T.M crew for a Stormzy-style straight-to-camera performance, exuding the same confidence as his English counterparts.

Scottish grime has gone mostly under the radar at a UK level, overshadowed by the genre's roots in London, but the burgeoning scene is stronger than ever north of the border and people are starting to take notice.

Check Shogun’s video for ‘Vulcan’ below and watch his freestyle with M.F.T.M here:

Shogun performs at East Coast Ends at Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh on August 15th.

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