The first week of January is always a bit grim, but thankfully relief does come in the form of all the promos which have accumulated over Christmas. Top of the pile is the second effort from
The Nuclear Family, a duo responsible for one of our favourite house releases of 2014 and a hot prospect for the coming months. Picking up where they left off, ‘Come Dine With Us’ provides us with three more Balearic gems, including a remix from Atlanta’s Moon B.

Sparkling, seductive and warm, each track has a satisfying analogue quality, echoing “the days when we made music in our bedrooms with whatever cheap-ass drum machines and synths we could lay our hands on”. This is most evident on ‘Hand Of God’, a slow-mo number which begins with broken beats and deep, elastic bass before washing over with halcyon chords and a sense of soothing tranquillity. ‘CDWJ Dub’ is the heaviest of the three originals, but even that reaches a shimmering mirage before delving back into the deep. ‘Bedroom Dreamer’ provides more of that Balearic beauty, conjuring images of Mediterranean seas and blood orange sunsets, while Moon B’s remix softens the bassline, wandering off the beaten path. If you're looking for real, quality deep house then this is a good place to start.

Preview the entire release below:

The Nuclear Family ‘Come Dine With Us’ is available now via their own label.

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