The Arches, Scotland’s biggest club and home to events like Pressure and Colours will remain open and face no sanctions.

The relieving news comes after an incident on Saturday night when a women fell ill at George Bowie’s GBX event. This was reported to have been alcohol related and she was later discharged from hospital. There were subsequent incidents recorded by police in and outside the venue that night however, with 26 in total.

Following the far more serious and tragic case of Regane MacColl who died after becoming ill at the club last February, The Arches had brought in strict security measures and worked closely with Police Scotland to enforce a zero-tolerance drug policy.

But, with the club being watched closely by authorities, the latest incident was to prove detrimental, with a request for a permanent closure submitted by Police Scotland for consideration by the licensing board. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed on this occasion with the board agreeing that the terms of the closure had not been met.

Councillor Bill Butler, the licensing board chairman, said: "After considering a preliminary motion from the licensee, the board was not satisfied that the closure order procedure was appropriate in this case. However, we recognise the serious concerns being raised by Police Scotland in relation to these premises."