The latest edition of SynthGlasgow Radio features local LUMAnary Dave Clark aka Sparky in the guest mix. With a production timeline that stretches right back to the early 90s, he’s been a constant presence on the Glasgow scene for over two decades, with his seminal Numbers release ‘Portland’ remaining one of the city’s enduring anthems.

He returned to Numbers last year for cosmic electro gem ‘Signals’, and the belters keep coming with his next release ‘Things Fall Apart’ due imminently on Optimo Trax. His mix for us is eclectic, electric and fizzing with energy.

Elsewhere in the show you can expect brand new, box-fresh music from The Revenge, Kevin McKay and Illyus & Barrientos, with bedroom-beats represented by the likes of BmfBmf, Rapture 4D and Bushido. All Glasgow, all good.

Listen to the show and check the tracklisting below:

1/ Hi & Saberhägen – Jardinez (Proibito)
2/ The Revenge – Do The Right Thing (Dirt Crew)
3/ Kevin McKay – What You Want (Glasgow Underground)
4/ Illyus & Barrientos – Love You So Much (Toolroom)
5/ BmfBmf – NewLuv (Bandcamp)
6/ Clippa – Fields (Soundcloud)
7/ Rapture 4D – Pink Shades (Try Ya Luck/Bandcamp)
8/ Bushido – Cherry Blossoms (Astral Black)

Sparky In The Mix

1/ David Bowie - Weeping Wall
2/ Die Form - Invalid
3/ CHBB - Ima Iki Mashoo
4/ This Heat - 24 Track Loop
5/ Craig Leon - Details Suggest Fidelity To Fact
6/ Konono No.1 x Batida - Um Nzonzing
7/ Powell - Untitled
8/ Boredoms - Super Now
9/ Crash Course In Science - Jump Over Barrels (Remix)
10/ Die Unbekannten – Casualties

Sparky’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ EP is available April 22nd via Optimo Trax. Sparky plays live at Phonox in London on May 13th. Listen back to last month’s radio show featuring Hi & Saberhägen in the guestmix here.

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