It’s July, and while this sorry excuse for a summer shows no signs of improving, the persistent gloom gives Glasgow’s producers the excuse to spend endless hours building beats. Needless to say, we have no shortage of hot tunes to bring you in this month’s edition of SynthGlasgow Radio, with fresh cuts from Rustie, Jon Phonics and Wuh Oh sitting alongside techno belters from Harvey McKay, Petrichor, Big Miz and Bleaker.

This month’s guest mix is also provided by an incredibly promising talent by the name of Bushido. Fusing bass, grime, ghetto and juke, he’s a regular fixture at Astral Black’s label parties and his Soundcloud is bursting with shit hot edits, blends and refixes. Maximum energy, maximum bounce.

Listen and check the tracklisting below:

1/ Dexterous – Station To Station (Soma)
2/ Big Miz – Wurx (Live Jam) (Dixon Avenue Basment Jams)
4/ Cloaka – Lessun (Bleaker Remix) (MDNGHT)
5/ Petrichor – State Function (Soma)
6/ Harvey McKay – Wrong Turn (Intec)
7/ The Lafontaines – Junior Dragon (Wuh Oh Remix) (Free Download)
8/ Bushido x Milktray x AJ Tracey – Wifey Blend (Free Download)
9/ Necktalk – Snakehands (Jon Phonics Remix) (Dollops Music)
10/ Rustie – Big Catzz (Free Download)

Bushido in the mix

1/ Bushido – Loot Bulc
2/ Nguzunguzu - Harp Bell
3/ Glacci - Tropics (Mss Modular Remix)
4/ Tam – Panchollo
5/ DJ Milktray - Martini Glass
6/ Kid Antoine x Eloq – Orion
7/ Impey x Jack Flash - Rain Dance
8/ Bushido - ???
9/ Fallow x Grizzle - O Lo Riddim
10/ Torai - Bandic00t
11/ Bushido - ???
12/ Bushido x Milktray x AJ Tracey – Wifey Blend
13/ Archer – Winds Of Change

Bushido ‘Stay Golden’ is available now on Frass FM 2 via Astral Black. Check out the previous edition of SynthGlasgow Radio with Mash here.

Bushido on Soundcloud
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