Super Hans, the drug-addled and comically unhinged crackpot from Peep Show, who claimed he was going to “van it to Macedonia and finally set up a moped rental” in the final episode of the cult show, is coming to DJ in Glasgow as part of a UK tour.

After playing a smattering of festival dates over the summer, including Glastonbury and Leeds, our favourite addict will bring his Big Beat Manifesto to SWG3 on November 11th. Fans of the show will remember that the BBM states “big beats are the best, get high all the time”, so this is likely to be a night to remember or, quite possibly, struggle to recall.

Speaking to NME last month about we can expect from his forthcoming tour he said: “Big beats. Really big, fuck off beats. And some Beatles. And Rolling Stones. And a tiny bit of Depeche Mode. But mainly big fuckin’ beats - wearing big fuck off flares, strolling down the street on a sunny Saturday morning going ‘Ave a fuckin’ look at me'."

Super Hans brings his Big Beat Manifesto to SWG3 on November 11th. Tickets are available from Ticket Tailor on Friday 7th October from 6pm, priced at £6/8/10.

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