We knew Heckter Barbour aka Denis Sulta was capable of big things, but this track really hits another level. Featured on Jackmaster’s forthcoming DJ Kicks mix, ‘MSNJ’ is built for a Mediterranean sunrise (or ceiling-banging at 3AM in the Sub Club), employing soaring chords and a super emotive vocal sample. This will be around all summer and we can’t wait to hear it on a serious soundsystem. (Buy)

ILLYUS & BARRIENTOS – STRINGS (Glasgow Underground)

Following a funky, groove-driven outing on Exploited, our favourite Glaswegian duo, Illyus & Barrientos, have dropped one of their hottest tracks to date. ‘Strings’ has been blowing up on Radio 1 recently, and with a bouncy bassline, soul-diva vocal and of course, glitterball strings, it’s easy to hear why. With echoes of Santos ‘Camels’ and numerous other turn-of-the-millennium classics, this is feel-good fodder at its finest. (Buy)

OOFT! – THE MASTERS SERIES VOL. 2 (Masterworks Music)

Someone else who deals in golden grooves is Ali Herron aka OOFT! His latest release on Masterworks Music is irritably smooth, seducing the dancefloor with a delicious disco loop on lead track ‘I Am Love’. B-Side ‘On The 25th Day', meanwhile, goes deeper into the night with a bubbling bassline and hypnotic chords. (Buy)

ITALIA90 – STREETLADY (Morris Audio)

Finally, we’re delighted to see these guys claim their first official release. You may have heard Italia90’s standout contribution on Huntley + Palmers ‘Clyde Built’ compilation, and their first cut to wax is just as tasty. ‘Streetlady’ is a shuffling heater hooked on warm, filtered bass and some very catchy vocal samples. Drop this one early to get people moving. (Buy)