Anyone who follows Rustie on Soundcloud will be well aware that the producer has been exceptionally proactive over the last few months, uploading new tracks regularly without the accompanying promo and fanfare you’d expect from an artist of his magnitude. From his sky-scraping edit of Gammer to euphoric tracks like ‘Big Catzz’ and more recently, ‘First Mythz’, it’s been a good time to be a Rustie fan. Even his recent stint in hospital resulted in absolute banger, the aptly titled ‘160 Hospital Riddim’ which is still available for free download.

The climax of this spontaneous burst of activity is a new album which the producer has been teasing over the last week. ‘EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE’ was released today via Warp Records and features 15 new Rustie tracks, including the aforementioned ‘First Mythz’ and ‘Big Catzz’. Sharing the release date with Guy Fawkes Night is probably no coincidence, considering most of the tracks sound like a Super Nova exploding over Glasgow Green (if the council hadn't decided to abandon tradition in the name of football, that is).

Listen to a selection of the album tracks below and stream a preview of the entire release at the Warp website:

Rustie ‘EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE’ is available now via Warp Records.

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