Boiler Room returned to Glasgow last month for an event presenting two of the city’s most colourful labels and parties: Huntleys + Palmers and Highlife.

It was an evening of intoxicating sounds, highlighting another branch of Glasgow talent which occasionally gets eclipsed by the more visible imprints and institutions.

Subcity Radio residents David Barbarossa and Hush eased us into the evening with a refreshingly eclectic selection, while Hi & Saberhägen and H+P head honcho, Andrew, upped the tempo with broken beats, delirious rhythms and solid grooves (special shout-out to the pineapple).

The showcase climaxed with live performances from highland producer Cain, as well as Auntie Flo, who was joined by Golden Teacher’s Laurie Pitt on drums for his hypnotic and superbly satisfying Sun Ritual concept.

Listen to all the sets below and watch them recorded live on the Boiler Room website:

Huntley + Palmer's 'Clyde Built' Compilation is available for free download now via Bandcamp.

Huntleys + Palmers on Soundcloud
Huntleys + Palmers on Facebook
Highlife on Facebook