A week after The Arches announced it would be forced into administration, details have emerged of police recommendations made to the club regarding music policy and supposed safety measures.

Revealed via an article on The Herald website today, Police Scotland had reportedly produced a 21 point plan which suggested that music should be cut for five minutes each hour to accommodate a “cool down period” – this would be written into the contract of any DJ booked to play at the club. The Arches was also reportedly asked to fund extra police officers for the venue at a cost of around £50,000 a year, with each officer being paid £42.50 an hour. The Arches “politely declined” to adopt these suggestions, highlighting the detrimental impact they would have on events and business.

Orde Meikle of world renowned techno duo Slam (who promoted Pressure at The Arches) said of the recommendations: "It shows a lack of understanding of the nature of our particular form of cultural expression. The best way to ensure safety on the dance floor is for people to look out for one another and for staff members to be vigilant.”

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