If the latest 2Sox release is anything to go by, deep house is alive and well. The Glasgow x Inverness label overseen by Debukas and Aldo has only put out a couple of EPs, but each one has been brimming with quality.

Today we have the premiere of ‘Sidetracked (Remix)’ from Glaswegian producer Tom Churchill – one half of analogue house duo, The Nuclear Family. Featured on the new ‘OddSox’ release alongside tracks and remixes from Teleskop, Sparky and the main man, Debukas, 'Sidetracked' is a breezy, bubbling jam which adopts Balearic keys, drifting pads and some deliciously dreamy atmospherics.

Read what Tom had to say about the track and listen below:

“This is an alternative version of a track I recorded a couple of years back for another project (which hasn't yet seen the light of day). The original version is a bit tougher, but I'd been messing around with putting some warm chords on top of the drums and bassline and a totally different mood emerged, so I quickly sketched out an arrangement.

Kit-wise it's pretty simple and mostly from old hardware - drums are all samples played from an Ensoniq ASR-10, bassline is from a Waldorf Pulse, pad is from a Roland JD-800, organ-type sound is from a Korg Microkorg, and the other bits and bobs are soft synths in Logic.

My studio's currently dormant while some building work is happening at my house; I'll put out the third EP with Laurence Hughes as The Nuclear Family as soon as we can manage it, and I'm going to try and hunker down for the winter to get a batch of stuff recorded ready for 2017.”

‘Sidetracked (Remix)’ is available on vinyl and digital on November 7th as part of the ‘OddSox Vol.1’ EP, with tracks from Debukas, Teleskop and Sparky.

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