They may live at opposite ends of the earth, but judging by their musical output, Sean Kerwin (Glasgow) and Chris Shelswell (Auckland) aka Modifier are perfectly in sync. Signing to Hotgem for new single ‘Eko’, we find them in automated harmony.

Beginning with an 'ancient Brahman chant recorded by Sean in the Indian holy town of Pushka' (press release gold), ‘Eko’ is an enchanting electronic deity which is endearing as it is mysterious. With a subtle air of melancholy and a delicate melody, it unfolds into something strangely beautiful; the swelling bassline, alien vocal and twinkling chords all inviting us to submit to a state of artificial bliss.

On remix duties, local legends Silicone Soul produce a hypno-house version which compliments the eccentricities of the original while retaining a solid, driving rhythm, while on the B-Side, ‘Dial 9’ sees Modifier lay down a marching electro number which swaggers with confidence before revealing its fragile soul.

Preview the full release below:

Modifier ‘Eko’ is available March 31st via Hotgem, complete with Silicone Soul Remix. The EP launch party takes place on April 2nd at The Flying Duck, featuring Modifier (live), Silicone Soul, Lava Lava and Pete NoFace.

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