Providing a solid platform for Glasgow’s aspiring beat producers, local label DTHCMP has recruited some of the city’s most promising talent over the last twelve months since its inception. Next week they release ‘Botanics’, the debut album from Rory Green, aka DTTØ, and we have the premiere of lead single ‘Blu Sky’.

Swirling with fascinating sounds and dreamy textures, it’s a quirky slice of futuristic, next-gen electronic music. While the atmosphere is reflective, the beats on ‘Blu Sky’ are restless, bumping beneath chopped and screwed vocal hooks and ethereal noises. With impressive attention to detail, field recordings and sampled sounds feature heavily on DTTØ’s productions, making them superbly distinctive.

Read what he had to say about his forthcoming album, ‘Botanics’, below and listen to the first single ‘Blue Sky’:

“I started writing ‘Botanics” in July, and after having released several singles with labels from around the world, I wanted my debut full-length to come out on local label, DTHCMP.

I bought a hand-held field microphone in order to try and break away from typical drum machine sounds wherever possible. I’m a big fan of atmospheric foley work that gives each song an individual texture, and my aim with this album was to automate things heavily while keeping the sounds flowing and evolving, and not becoming stagnant and repetitive.

It’s great to get outside to record these atmospheric and rhythmic elements, creating beats with anything I come across - from recordings of crowds or coffee shops, to fireworks on November 5th. Often a sample will have a rhythmic or melodic quality to it already, and with some tweaking it’s a great place to start creating an unusual sound.”

‘Blu Sky’ will be available as part of DTTØ’s debut album ‘Botanics’, released on November 28th via DTHCMP.

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