The search for new talent never stops here at SynthGlasgow, and sometimes you don’t have to look very far. Previously producing music under the name ‘Scatabrainz’, Bryan McFarland simply pinged us an email with ‘demos/music’ in the subject line, inviting us to listen to his debut EP under new moniker, bmfbmf.

Instantly reminding us of Jamie XX, McFarland cites Mount Kimbie and Caribou as influences, with the main bulk of 'EP' adopting lively and repetitive drum patterns, while pensive chords and soulful samples create an atmosphere of urban reflection. The production is loose but detailed, and on ‘NewLuv’ McFarland’s sample work really shines, weaving a particularly effective vocal cut into a rich, immersive beat.

The highlight of the EP arguably comes from ‘You Were Mine’ which features a stirring vocal performance from Twila. Her delicate, heartbreaking lyrics feel like they come from somewhere deeply personal, complimented by a sweet, ambient instrumental which twinkles like a starry sky. It’s a beautiful thing.

Read what bmfbmf had to say about his new project and listen to the release in full below:

“It was just time for a change really. I produced under the name Scatabrainz for about 15 years and it was all mainly hip hop-based. The music I'm making now has a different sound so it was the right time for a new name...

In terms of electronic music my influences come from the likes of Mount Kimbie and Caribou to Lapalux and Pariah. I try to listen to something new everyday on my way to/from work, so each night making music can massively vary.”

Bmfbmf ‘EP’ is available 28th March via Bandcamp.

Bmfbmf on Soundcloud