WORDS: Alex Caslano

Every so often an event comes along that really captures the imagination, something which goes that extra mile and delivers an experience which is truly worthwhile and memorable. Platform 18 is one such event. For those who have been paying attention, you will have noticed the hype slowly building since its announcement last month. Billed as a street party at a secret location, and with the tag line ‘Everyone On The Same Level’, we’ve watched excitedly as stickers have appeared on lampposts and posters were plastered around town. Then, just last week, the venue was announced via a slick promo video which saw an anonymous raver reveal the destination as being West Street Subway Station, somewhere which has never been used before and promises to provide the perfect setting for one last blast of summer…

Of course, Platform 18 aren’t the first promoters to try something a bit different, luckily Glasgow is treated to these events fairly regularly throughout the summer, but with such attention to detail and equally well managed promotion, we definitely thought it was worth highlighting. As you're probably aware, parties in public locations take months of planning, with numerous applications, safety checks and red tape all standing in the way between fun and failure, but when it’s done right and everything comes together on the day, both promoter and punter can leave satisfied.

Enlisting influential and like-minded party starters, Fuse to provide the soundtrack, as well as residents Ivan Kutz and Niz, you’re definitely in good hands. Donating a slice of the profit to The Scottish Association for Mental Health, you can also dance safe in the knowledge that you’re money is being put to good use. With an afters already confirmed, this is one stop you don’t want to miss…

Check out the Platform 18 trailer below, as well as an interview with promoter Ivan Kutz:

SG: There’s been quite a bit of hype surrounding Platform 18 from the start, and last week you announced the very special location at West Street Subway Station. We’d imagine it’s been a bit of a struggle getting it secured and licensed, can you tell us a little about the venue itself and why it’s special?

Ivan: Yes, it's been a lengthy process to secure West Street with endless applications and planning, but to get the all clear from the Council was a great accomplishment. Basically I'm taking an area close to the city centre which is ruined down and messy and turning it into something special. West Street is the perfect venue for the sound I'm wanting to bring to Glasgow, its old railway bridges with high walls will make people feel secure and part of something special, but also keeping that outdoor feel.

SG: Obviously you could have just as easy held this event in a club, but did you feel it was worth going through the extra effort to try something a bit different?

Ivan: For years I have done club nights, starting off with Seasons then going onto Nomad - both being successful, but there is only so much you can do with a club night. There are also limited venues and so many club nights, so it's very hard to maintain it. Apart from Sunday Circus I felt there were very few day parties where people can feel involved. I wanted to create an outdoor party where capacity is limited and people can come along and feel that connection with the DJ’s.

West Street Subway: will look a lot different on Saturday...

SG: The PR for this event has been exceptional and we’re really digging the promo video. Considering the competition in Glasgow, do you think it’s necessary for promoters to really pull out all the stops?

Ivan: ‘Competition’ is a word I don't like to use as I feel you either prefer one or the other. Music is something we should share. Myself and Niz (Platform 18 resident) are trying to create a new vibe and sound in Glasgow - the promo video really shows what we're trying to bring, with some dubby, bassy beats that still having that house & techno element.

SG: Finally, a good portion of the profits from this event are going to the The Scottish Association of Mental Health charity, can you tell us a little about what they do and why it’s a worthwhile cause?

Ivan: SAMH is a charity close to home. I feel clubbing and music events are a great way for people to get away from everyday life and any problems they have, but feel it can also create another problem, as when they go back to everyday life they can slip in to a real low. It's all about making people aware of SAMH and the help they can bring to people with these problems.

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