You need only check their psychedelic posters to realise that Night Of The Jaguar is not your average party. Taking residence at the Art School on the second Friday of each month, its exotic aesthetic suggests something unusual awaits you on the dancefloor, and with guests ranging from Mister Saturday Night to David Barbarossa, it’s fair to say that the music policy is open minded, but superbly on-point. This Friday NOTJ celebrate their first birthday with an appearance from Comeme’s Christian S (a producer who more than compliments the night’s ‘Multi Culti’ appeal) and JG Wilkes, one half of the mighty Optimo. With beautiful decoration comprised of handmade tribal prints and a soundtrack to match, this is the party you need if you’d rather dodge the Valentine’s Day crush.

In anticipation of Friday’s event the NOTJ residents have laid down a celebratory promo mix which you hear and read about below:

“Night of the Jaguar started out on a monthly basis in the Vic Bar back in February 2014, when the new building was reopening. We were given the slot by Alex Misick and Liam Casey as a chance to experiment; none of us had ever run a club night and/or DJ'd in public at all, but things seem to have gone pretty well. We're still here at least!

It's always been the case with Night of the Jaguar that we just play the music that we're into and that we think people will like. There aren't any rules when it comes to what kind of genre of music we play and that's very much the case with this mix. The 'Multi Culti' ambient track with the African vocal is a nod to the early days of Night of the Jaguar and from there we move through disco, house, industrial, techno, experimental, before finishing with some Israeli psyche-rock. In the end we just want people to have fun at our club nights and maybe discover some cool music that perhaps they didn't know or maybe forgot about.

If people enjoy it, we hope that they can make it down to celebrate our first birthday with us at the Art School on Friday the 13th of February. We've invited two DJs that have had a big impact on the way that we think about club music - Christian S of Comeme (the 3 Comeme tunes in the mix are a nod to him) and JG Wilkes of Optimo.” - NOTJ

Christian S and JG Wilkes play Night Of The Jaguar’s 1st birthday this Friday at the Art School. Advance tickets are available from The Art School website with a concession for GSA students.

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