With events in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, Notsosilent have made a real name for themselves over the past three years, and with live mixes like this doing the rounds, it’s easy to hear why. With consistently on-point bookings, the guys have arranged some pretty special back-to-back sessions, with many of them hosted in Glasgow’s intimate sweat den, La Cheetah. Inviting two of house music’s most exquisite DJs, Move D and Axel Boman, to play alongside each other at Notsosilent’s second birthday, we now have five hours of quality club action to listen to and perhaps one of the finest ‘taps-aff’ moments in recent memory.

Notsosilent set the scene…

"Here's a recording from our 2nd birthday at our intimate basement home, La Cheetah Club in Glasgow. We invited two of our favourite selectors from the last couple of years, Move D and Axel Boman, back to help us celebrate and, as anticipated, shit got crazy. David & Axel went to town on the basement - which felt like the sweatiest place on earth - for an insanely fun five hours. As always, success was measured in the number of bare torsos on show and our two DJs went into ‘taps aff’ mode for the last 30 minutes, swiftly followed by at least 80% of the club. Crazy scenes, crazy fun."

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