For the unacquainted, Martyn Henderson aka Mash has been a constant on Glasgow’s club scene for over two decades, releasing on labels like Glasgow Underground, Dirt Crew and Toolroom. He’s also the house music editor at Mixmag, so it goes without saying that when it comes to penning a tune, he knows how to deliver.

On his latest effort he’s hooked-up with multi-talented actor, vocalist and DJ, Idris Elba, for a deep-grooving vocal number on Toolroom subsidiary, Love & Other. Idris, who you’ll most likely know as the star of The Wire and Luther, lays his heart on the line with soulful sincerity, crooning over bumping bass, breezy pads and icy synth-stabs to create a classy club cut.

“A few years ago (Idris) was up in Scotland filming as part of Luther”, explains Mash of how the collab came about. “He was out for a drink and the club owner invited him to come and DJ with me. He handed me a CD and said 'see what you can do with this!'”

“He gave me an accapella vocal and I did a new arrangement to make it more deep and mournful. Love and Other, who I have released with before, flipped when they heard it; they said it stood-up without them knowing who the vocalist was, which I think is the best compliment.”

Listen to the original and Greymatter mix of ‘Please Be True’ below:

Mash & Idris Elba 'Please Be True' is available now via Love & Other.

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