House producers often concentrate on peak-time beats, but occasionally it’s nice to drop the tempo and write something chilled; something which the next door neighbour isn’t going to complain about. With previous releases on Glasgow Underground and Toolroom, local hero and Mixmag journo, Mash, is clearly sympathetic to this, producing a breezy sunset jam for Love & Other which we can't seem to get out of our heads.

Despite its title, ‘Cold September’ is built for lazy days in the sun. Clocking in at a sweet and seductive 116bpm, this is the type of slow-mo groove which you’ll hear poolside in Ibiza (long before the lads on tour disturb the peace). Sampling a heart-rending and soulful vocal over delicate chords which ooze melancholy with every note, don’t be surprised (or embarrassed) if you shed a tear when those keys come in - especially if you’re suffering from the Balearic Blues.

Mash ‘Cold September’ is out now on Love & Other. Catch Mash every week at Burn Mondays at the Buff Club.

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