WORDS: Alex Caslano

“It still remains the highlight of a 33 year DJ career” claims Australian producer Cam Bianchetti aka Late Nite Tuff Guy. “I'm often asked which is my most memorable gig and I will always tell them about this show.” With a tour schedule which has seen him travel the world twice over, it’s perhaps telling that the highlight of his career so far was a night at Glasgow’s Sub Club over 15 years ago; the low ceiling, thumping soundsystem and bang-up-for-it crowd combining for the perfect party. Appearing then as DJ HMC – his original moniker which saw him dubbed as the ‘Godfather of Australian Techno’ – Bianchetti has since become known for his disco, funk and soul edits, delivering dancefloor friendly versions of both obscure and classic tracks in his own inimitable style. Returning to the Sub Club for Vicious Creatures this Thursday, his sound may have changed, but the atmosphere will be much the same.

From Toto to Change, Chaka Khan to Sister Sledge, Bianchetti’s ability to stretch out a groove is mesmerising, giving the most obvious tracks a refreshing lease of life and the ability to seduce a whole new audience. “It's so great that the younger generation like the amazing music that came out during the disco era” he tell us. “At a recent show someone came up to the DJ console to ask what track I was playing; it was Sylvester’s 'Make Me Feel Mighty Real', so even the most obvious tracks are new to some.” Of course, with disco making something of a resurgence in recent years and icons like Nile Rodgers firmly back in the frame, younger clubbers are discovering classic tracks for the first time. With Late Nite Tuff Guy guiding them, the next generation are going to have excellent taste.

Check out some of our favourite Late Nite Tuff Guy edits below:

Late Nite Tuff Guy plays Vicious Creatures at the Sub Club this Thursday (30th). Advance tickets are available from Resident Advisor. Late Nite Tuff Guy - ‘Tuff Cut #08’ is out now.

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