WORDS: Alex Caslano

Nativ. Remember that name, because twelve months from now we’re sure you’ll be hearing a lot more of it. Having recently stumbled across the Glasgow-based producer via a shared link on Facebook, we’ve spent many hours rumbling through his Soundcloud, convinced that he’s one of the most exciting new artists this city can boast. Rolling with a hybrid sound which sits at the dark end of Funky, his music has been attracting some very positive attention over the last ten months, notching up regular plays on both Rinse FM and 1Xtra. Considering he only started producing in 2011, that’s a good sign.

But then, the 20 year-old producer (known to his mates as Kyle), clearly understands that it’s up to him to get his music out there. That’s why he co-founded club night and blog, TooMuchHype, as well as an excellently produced online magazine which redirects the ‘London Sound’ to Glasgow. Of course, it’s the music which does most of the talking, and with a debut release on Vex Records (picked up by the legendary DJ EZ for inclusion on his Fabriclive mix) and a forthcoming EP on Tumble Audio in the pipeline, it’s no wonder he’s got us so excited.

Check some of Nativ’s recent sounds below, as well as a guest mix fore Tumble Audio and an interview with the man himself:

SG: So it seems like things are really kicking off for you at the moment with recent plays on Rinse FM and 1Xtra, can you catch us up on what’s been happening over the last few months with regards to exposure and getting your tracks picked up?

Nativ: Thanks, yeah it's been a bit mad recently! At the start of the year Marcus Nasty was playing my tunes and they were always getting a good reaction, Shantie was going mad on the mic and Marcus was pulling them up 2 or 3 times. During that I was chatting with Vex Records about putting a release out for them, ‘Bandulu’ was the one that everybody in the kinda funky scene was feeling, so we got that sorted out with a few other tunes and that was that. Definitely quite proud of that release, and the fact that DJ EZ featured one of the tunes on his Fabriclive album was great.

SG: We have to admit, we’re a bit late to the Nativ party as you’ve been doing the damage for some time, when did you start making music and who were your main influences when starting out?

Nativ: I started making music around mid 2011 so I haven't really been producing that long, but around that time I was listening to Marcus Nasty's show on Rinse and I was really into his sets and that sound, so I suppose I started making beats for his show really. It was the last hour that things got a bit heavier, a bit more energetic and a bit more fun, and they were the kind of tunes I tried to take inspiration from. In terms of artists who inspire me and my sound - Jook 10, Sunday Roast, Champion and Notion - all really talented producers and tunes that are always in my sets. I always look forward to seeing what they come up with.

SG: The first track we heard from you was ‘Night Bus’ which really grabbed our attention and ‘Bandulu’ has some serious flavour too, how are you describing your music to people at the moment? It’s obviously got some roots in Funky, what excites you or interests you about that sound?

Nativ: I think I'd describe my sound as grime-influenced funky really. I like the danceability funky and house has, but I also like the darkness of grime, so I just pair them together. I've really been feeling this 130 (bpm) sound that the Keysound family are pushing as well, so I've been making a few beats like that too, I'd say ‘Night Bus’ is definitely on that sort of tip. I do kinda wish there was still some of that vocal funky stuff about though, Kyla – ‘Do You Mind’ and Meleka – ‘Go (Crazy Cousins Remix)’ are two of my favourite tunes and they're just pure cheese haha, but I guess things move on.

SG: Finally, we’re really looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings for you, what have you got on the horizon in the form of releases, gigs etc?

Nativ: Tumble Audio approached me after releasing the ‘Bandulu EP’ saying they loved it, they were battering it down at their events in Nottingham and they'd be really interested in me doing a release for them. They are really pushing what I'm into and what I'm doing, so I wasn't going to pass it up. They've got events in Nottingham, Bristol and London and they run the label really well so it was a no-brainer. I'm going to be playing down at Nottingham and Bristol for Tumble in December, so I'm really looking forward to that.

In terms of gigs, locally you'll be catching me playing a lot at the DifferentDrum events in Saint Judes who have been killing it in terms of bookings recently - Cooly G, NYTA, Shox etc. and I think they'll just keep getting better. Next date for them is 17th October with Shox and Vandelay

Nativ’s ‘Bandulu EP’ is out now on Vex Records.

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