The last month has been bittersweet for Dutch DJ Jean Pierre Enfant. A former resident at Amsterdam’s most prolific club, Trouw, he and many others had their last dance at the venue in January when its lease finally expired. Having honed his skills playing marathon sets to its faithful dancers, Trouw's closure was particularly poignant for Jean, who recently described it as “the first place where I really felt at home as a DJ”. Of course its legacy has left behind more than memories, as its residents take away a wealth of experience which feeds into every set they play.

This Saturday Jean Pierre returns to Glasgow where he plays at Tribal Pulse for the second time in as many years. Those who caught him at Saint Judes last spring were treated to a mesmerising and energetic performance, giving us a taste of Trouw and the club’s undeniable influence. Also recently moving into production, his debut EP ‘Echoes Of You’ reflects his DJ sets, delivering warm, textured grooves and atmospheric techno which carries you deep into the night. Ahead of Jean Pierre’s appearance at Tribal Pulse we tracked him down to sample his set, picking five tunes which have been moving his dancefloor:


“A beautiful track; it’s a spacey and atmospheric techno record made by a very promising producer from Rotterdam, Ben Buitendijk. It's the first release on OGUN, a new record label from Roger Gerressen also known from the ESHU collective. I play this a lot right now, especially in the late night hours when things can go deeper.”


“A record from 2012 but still so relevant - beautiful deep vibes, perfect to break up a set and set the room on fire afterwards. It gives me a lot of headspace - the end gets very glittery and metallic, yet floating. One of my all time favourites to be honest.”

3 VRIL - PORTAL 3 (Delsin)

“This is from the one and only Vril; it was released last week on his new album called ‘Portal’ on Delsis. It's very rhythmic with in your face percussion, but the melody gives it a very friendly feel, while in other tracks the synths seem to be more ravey.”


“This track sounds somewhat simple but perfectly reflects the title of the track: ‘Melancholic’ yet ‘Euphoric’. I love this track for that simple musical expression. It doesn't really seem a dancefloor killer at first, however when dropped at the right moment it really sets it on fire.”

5 LUIGI TOZZY – KRACKEN (Dynamic Reflection)

“Extremely Beautiful.”

Jean Pierre Enfant plays alongside Boom Merchant at Tribal Pulse this Saturday at Saint Judes. Tickets are available from Resident Advisor for £7 advance.

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