The boys are back in town. After a stratospheric year which saw Jackmaster release an incendiary DJ Kicks mix and Jasper James complete a twelve month residency at London’s Phonox, the duo back on holy ground, and they’ve taken the opportunity to record another spontaneous mix from their flat on Mitchell St.

At over two hours, the back-to-back session begins on a disco tip with a standout cut from Tee Mango’s essential album ‘Imperfections Vol.1’, before ramping up the heat with percussive workouts, xylophone jams and of course, some serious heads-down heat.

“It's been a while, but finally Jack and I got together to record another live mix together from our house in Glasgow” Jasper says via the mix note. “Just like the first one, we recorded it on a whim, bored out of our nut after a long weekend of gigs and a healthy bout of insomnia.”

“We didn't have a cool-guy DJ image to use this time so here's some old passport photos we found in the studio of Jack looking about 15 and me pushing 30.”

Listen to the mix below:

Jackmaster’s DJ Kicks mix is available now via !K7. Jasper James plays alongside Derrick Carter at the Stay Fresh 5th birthday party on Wed 28th at the Sub Club.

Jackmaster on Soundcloud
Jasper James on Soundcloud


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