Words: Alex Caslano
Photo: Paul MacDonald

Speaking personally, one of my favourite era’s of house music was the disco house explosion at the turn of the millennium. Hearing classic disco records brought back to life was a joy, and as the samples were still relatively fresh (and I was relatively young), it was like hearing these irresistibly danceable loops for the very first time.

It’s a sound which Glasgow duo Illyus & Barrientos managed to channel oh so well on recent release ‘Strings’, and in particular on their new cut ‘Alright’ which dropped last week on Glasgow Underground.

From the soul-searing vocals lifted from an old Philly tune we’d absolutely love to know the name of, to the soaring strings which take us higher with every bar, ‘Alright’ is the type of track which will have you beaming. No standing by the wall, this one is built for dancing.

On the flip of ‘Alright’, the duo get heavy with a driving, unrelenting groove called ‘Hurry On Down’, using a dusty vocal sample to get us firmly hooked. If that wasn’t enough, GU label boss Kevin McKay gets his hands on ‘Hurry On Down’, stripping it back with a percussive workout. House music is fun again!

Listen to the EP below and check out Illyus and Barrientos’ most recent podcast while you’re at it:

Illyus & Barrientos 'Alright' is available now via Glasgow Underground. The duo play alongside Kevin McKay at Treehouse 009 at The Indigo Club on Oct 31st.

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