Huntleys + Palmers doesn’t have a defining 'sound'. Instead, the Glasgow label and party, which started with an intimate event at the Hetherington Research Club in 2007, is a purveyor of all things avant-garde and colourful. Founded by Andrew Thomson, the label was inspired after Auntie Flo sent over a demo of his 8 track debut ‘Future Rhythm Machine’, subsequently providing a home for many of Flo’s early releases. Since then, Huntleys + Palmers have gone on to feature and discover artists as diverse as Sophie, DrumTalk and Peter Scion, promoting everything from afro-rhythm to melodic electro.

Similarly, the H+P parties have continued to reflect the label and vice versa. This Friday, Andrew invites Crosstown Rebels boss and Ancient Moon, Damian Lazarus, as well Comeme’s Lena Willikens to join him and Auntie Flo in celebrating 8 years of left-field success. Ahead of the party we asked Andrew to pick 8 seminal releases from the label and tell us a little about what makes them special.


"Where it all began! Shortly into our Highlife parties, Brian sent over an early demo of ‘Future Rhythm Machine’ - the first thing I’d heard from his Auntie Flo alias. We subsequently started the H+P label to release this and other music like it. We worked with a friend, Ling Lee, on a few videos for the first releases and finally found our feet with this one. This was recorded on a Saturday lunchtime in the basement of Dalston Superstore before our first party at Fabric, with a bunch of friends, randoms and a stag party. Good times!"


"The story of discovering SOPHIE has been told maybe too often, but it still continues to excite me to chart his monumental rise year after year. From asking him to do this remix then inviting him to play at our beach party, to releasing his debut and the Numbers releases launching him into another stratosphere altogether (producing for Madonna?!); whatever else lies in store, I can’t wait to watch / listen."


"Mehmet is another success story who has gone on to do great things since his first release. We released his first record, an edit for Highlife, which kick-started some initial interest amongst some big DJs. Following that, Ata from Robert Johnson rebooted his 'For Disco Only' label to release some Mehmet nuggets - the last producers on the label were Luciano and Villalobos! Now he’s a Boiler Room star, DJ’s internationally most weekends and has launched his own label, Fleeting Wax. Pure proud as punch."


"We first heard of Mamacita through mutual friend and label-mate, Alejandro Paz. The release took ages to come out for a number of reasons but still sounds fresh to this day, and I’m confident in its timeless appeal for many years to come. Watch out for more from Mamacita in 2016!"


"The guy behind the WRONG STEPS project is one of these talented characters who can turn their hand to anything. In addition to WS, he produces under several other aliases and runs his own label, radio show and much more. The WS tracks are beginning to mount up and will see a wider release next year too…"


"This is without a doubt the strangest record I’ve released to date. Musically it’s different and a step away from working with emerging artists, but with a twist, as it’s basically the debut release of a record that was made 15 years ago by a reclusive artist in rural Sweden. I’ve spent the last couple of years tracking him down, and after paying him a few visits, we’ve finally released this superb piece of work - which we’re both very happy with. Shortly before the record came out, there was a piece about it in the Swedish equivalent of The Guardian; imagine how surreal that must feel to have your work reaching a national audience so many years after it was made in your bedroom."


"I’m so proud of this record and all the work that has gone into it by Brian, Esa and everyone else involved. It’s beautiful in every sense and marks a real progression from where things began until now. There’s a sense of urgency releasing debut records, so it was enjoyable to take our time on this one and put a lot of things into practise that we’ve picked up over the years. We hosted the launch party on the eve of the release and it felt like we were about to give birth! Now it’s out there for all to enjoy, the subsequent response both in the media and in person has been amazing - especially for a record sung mainly in ‘Ga’!"


"I have a feeling H&S are about to come into their own next year. They have all the right ingredients - good, enthusiastic DJ’s, broad tastes and a varied selection of quality music up their sleeves. Their release launch party at the Sub Club this summer was so much fun. TIP!"

Huntleys + Palmers celebrate their 8th birthday this Friday (18th) at The Art School, with Damian Lazarus, Lena Willikens, Auntie Flo and Andrew. Advance tickets are available for £10 from Resident Advisor.

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