Just two months after The Arches won its right to stay open after challenges from Police Scotland, news has broke this afternoon that the venue will now be slapped with a 12am curfew which will effectively make it redundant for club events.

The devastating news follows a turbulent night at George Bowie’s GBX in March when a number of punters were reported and a woman fell seriously ill. After a move to shut the venue down by Police Scotland, Councillor Bill Butler, the licensing board chairman, said: "After considering a preliminary motion from the licensee, the board was not satisfied that the closure order procedure was appropriate in this case. However, we recognise the serious concerns being raised by Police Scotland in relation to these premises."

These “concerns” have clearly proved corrosive and the venue has now lost its late license. An official statement from The Arches is expected and there are also rumours that they will make an appeal. Either way, a very sad day for Glasgow club culture and further proof of just how delusional the authorities are when it comes to the real issues at hand.

Slam, who have been residents at The Arches for over 20 years while also promoting their monthly night, Pressure, hit the nail on the head: "This is typical policing through media. It makes no sense to close the safest venue in the city where every cooperation and supervision are The Arches staffs top priority. The outcome of this will be not only be job losses and a loss of revenue to city. It will leave a great big gaping hole in Glasgow culturally. The Arches was one of Scotland's biggest cultural hubs and without the Club events I would imagine that they may have to close completely!"

Tomorrow night's event with Hannah Wants will now take place at SWG3.