Sega Bodega – Elis (Activia Benz)

Although they are few and far between, there’s always a great sense of anticipation when Sega Bodega announces a new release, and that’s because you never quite know what the Glaswegian producer will do next. His third EP in as many years comes on Slugabed’s label Activia Benz, featuring this haunting number called ‘Elis’. Sounding truly cinematic, it’s like tuning into a frequency from a distant galaxy.

Stephen Lopkin – Inc (Endless Illusion)

Stephen Lopkin is a relatively new name to us, but having made a fine contribution to the first release on Sub Club’s Nautilus Rising label, we’re now listening intently. Wheeling out the hardware for his next offering on Endless Illusion – a split EP with Greek producer DimDJ – ‘Inc’ has a tasty analogue groove with a wandering synth line and shimmering, Balearic pads. Be sure to check out ‘Roland 6’ too.

Milton Jackson – Your Love EP (Tsuba)

How happy are we to have Milton Jackson back on our speakers? Listen to his latest release on Tsuba Ltd and judge for yourself. After a two year hiatus, the deep house aficionado is back with three solid cuts which straddle block-party, basement and beach. ‘Your Love’ boasts the type of groove you can’t help but nod along to, while ‘Zee Dub’ goes dark and edgy. ‘Territory’, meanwhile, sparkles under a setting sun...

Marco Bernardi – Catching Clouds In Outerspace (Brokntoys)

Prepare to melt. This cut by Bristol-based Glaswegian, Marco Bernardi, could be one of our favourite tracks of the year, offering nearly nine minutes of interstellar electro which is as captivating as the song’s title suggests. Rocketing through the cosmos at 134bpm, it’s comparable to bursting through the earth’s atmosphere and, well, catching clouds in outerspace.