Those of you who attended LuckyMe’s impromptu party at The Poetry Club a couple months ago will be fully aware of Rustie’s affection for hardcore. In fact, it’s well documented that the producer regards the Bonkers series and DJs like Hixxy and Sharkey as influences, with sky-high bpms and ravey stabs coming full circle in Rustie’s own productions. Makes sense, then, that his new edit of Gammer’s ‘Nostalgia’ is a fucking belter.

Upping it as a free download yesterday afternoon, the internet has already had kittens with most people surrendering themselves to the track’s face-melting euphoria. Some, however, have commented on the track’s distortion to which Rustie has addressed via twitter, commenting on “over polished bullshit EDM” and the “beauty in imperfection”. Either way, he got the seal of approval from Gammer, so that’s all that matters really.

Rustie plays Long Live Love at SWG3 on Aug 8th.

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