Words: Alex Caslano
Interview and concept: Chester Cornford

With an influx of new students about to descend on Glasgow, it made sense to introduce some of the equally fresh-faced promoters who are bringing something different to the city’s dancefloor. Glasgow has long-benefited from an array of established and consistent parties, but it’s the young, eager and energised who keep the old guard on their toes, offering new ideas and a revitalised perspective. Throughout September we’re going to flash-feature some of the parties which deserve your attention. Next up, we get to know Stereotone – a simple party with a bright future:


Launching a night by yourself can be daunting task, but with dedication and persistence you’ll usually be rewarded. Jonathan Fernandez aka Wheelman threw his first Stereotone party in La Cheetah last year, hoping to attract people with home-grown talent and cheap door tax. Over a year later and the effort has certainly paid off, having hosted local favourites like Big Miz and The Burrell Connection, as well as on-point headliners such as Moxie and Ben UFO. Creating a sense of community and musical trust has given Stereotone a beaming reputation, and with an accompanying label supporting some of Glasgow’s finest new producers, that rep extends beyond La Cheetah’s dancefloor.

Have a listen to the label's first release, Stereotone 001 below, and check out our interview with founder and resident, Wheelman:

How did Stereotone begin and what is the ethos behind the night?

Stereotone had been a very long time coming when we had our launch party in February last year. I’d wanted to do a night for years, but without having a crew of people to work with it took me a while to pluck up the confidence to get things going by myself.

Eventually, though, I made the leap and La Cheetah were happy to have me on board. The main ethos of the night is to focus on the party and crowd just as much as the music. I felt that there were a load of great nights booking interesting guests, but often these nights lacked a sense of community on the dancefloor that I really missed. My idea was to keep the door tax cheap and initially book local DJs to establish that community before bringing in some more high profile guests.

What’s been your favourite party so far?

There have been so many nights that have had a massive impact on me and that makes this question almost impossible to answer, so I’ll go for the party that people have mentioned to me the most as being their favourite. I remember that just before I launched Stereotone I’d had a brief conversation with Ben UFO about the night and about him coming to play, but I wanted to hold off until the right moment and the 1st birthday party seemed like that moment.

All of the Stereotone regulars were out in force and joined by a few new faces as well; I played for the first two hours and by midnight you could feel the excitement in the room. Ben came on at 1am and, as per usual, absolutely nailed it. That night felt like the perfect balance of music and party, and I remember sitting next to the booth looking out at the dancefloor and smiling ear to ear for the longest time. I was thinking that even if it’s all downhill from here I’ll always be able to say that I accomplished what I set out to achieve.

Photo by S.Dalziel

Where do you like to hangout in Glasgow away from the club?

Having no money limits me quite a lot but if I manage to scrape together a few pounds you’ll most likely find me somewhere on the Southside. If I’m feeling posh I'll maybe be at the Rum Shack or Lebowski’s, but to be honest I’ll normally be with a group of friends kicking up a fuss in Glasgow’s no.1 spoons: Sir John Maxwell’s. Other than that, I spend probably too much time round at either Ross Crammond or Archie Lamont’s, chatting shite and watching Naked Attraction.

What can we look forward to from Stereotone in the future?

Big things. The label is now up and running and that will bring new heat to the club night with launch parties etc. We’re also planning on bringing a new structure to the night that will involve a monthly alternation between guests and resident parties which will hopefully maintain the club's sense of community, but push us forward musically at the same time. The art of the resident DJ and the amazing atmosphere that can be created by a DJ and crowd that know each other well is something I think is undervalued. Moving forward, that is something I want to explore and push without taking our eyes off the electronic music scene as a whole.

Stereotone returns to La Cheetah Club this Thursday (15th) with Beat Beneath, Chester and Wheelman. Entry is £3 before midnight and £5 after.

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