Words: Chester Cornford and Alex Caslano

With an influx of new students about to descend on Glasgow, it made sense to introduce some of the equally fresh-faced promoters who are bringing something different to the city’s dancefloor. Glasgow has long-benefited from an array of established and consistent parties, but it’s the young, eager and energised who keep the old guard on their toes, offering new ideas and a revitalised perspective. Throughout September we’re going to flash-feature some of the parties which deserve your attention. This week, we take a trip to booty-bass paradise, Magic City:


Inspired by the infamous Atlanta club of the same name, Magic City is a party focused on community and fun. Prompted into action after Freaky Freaky announced their last ever event earlier this summer, Magic City hopes to fill the void that was left behind, serving up everything from RnB to new-school, rap to trap in The Berkeley Suite’s hot and heavy basement. Having already hosted a wavey launch party last month, the collective hope to eventually bring special guests to Glasgow as well as supporting local talent. Best of all, entry is free before midnight so you can party like a boss without breaking the bank.

Photo: Jethro Jones

How did Magic City begin and what is the ethos behind the night?

Magic City was born out of necessity more than anything else. I’m a huge fan of hip-hop; in fact, it’s pretty much all I want to listen to when I’m out clubbing, and being in Glasgow that can leave you in a pretty tricky situation. Over the past few years I've found myself either having nowhere to go or having to wait 3-4 weeks between nights that I really enjoyed. Although Glasgow has an amazing clubbing and nightlife scene, it’s definitely few and far between when it comes to hip hop. I had been considering opening a night for about a year, but I was finally pushed to do it when Freaky Freaky announced its last show.

Freaky was the only night in Glasgow I really connected with and I think a lot of people felt the same. I didn’t want to see a huge crowd of people left with nowhere to go, so I just decided to take the leap. The ethos behind Magic City is really to help bring the community back together. There are a huge number of people in Glasgow who are interested in hip hop, street wear, skating and all the other things that come along with that culture. I’d love for Magic City to act as a hub for those people, to bring them together in a space where they can connect and have fun.

What’s been your favourite party so far?

The launch went better than we could have hoped; there was a great vibe and an awesome atmosphere throughout the whole night. We managed to pick up a crowd really early due to the free entry and everyone was hyped all night long. Musically, we fitted in a bit of everything, from RnB and some old school, right through to new-school hip hop and trap.

I think it really proved that Glasgow still has a huge hip hop community and that this night is needed. The number of people we pulled in and the vibe of the night really impressed The Berkeley Suite, so overall, I think the night served as a way of showing that hip hop and RnB nights in cool venues aren’t a thing of the past, and we’re going to do all we can to make sure we keep bringing good nights to people who want them.

Photo: Jethro Jones

Where do you like to hangout in Glasgow away from the club?

Outside of Magic City I run a small design company called Too Gallus, so I'm usually in my studio working away on whatever projects I have in at the time. If I’m not there I'm probably at the Devils Deli getting a DFC!

What can we look forward to from Magic City in the future?

The dream is to really establish Magic City as a consistent player on the Glasgow scene. I’d love to use Magic City as a platform to host more of the DJs and performers that Glasgow is currently missing out on, like touring rappers and hip hop DJs who seem to currently totally swerve Scotland on their tour dates. From a community point of view we’ll definitely be looking to showcase some new talent from Glasgow and Scotland, giving new hip hop DJs a place to start playing live.

All in all, hopefully the future holds a lot of fun nights where people who enjoy hip hop can come together and have a good time. If it leads to bigger things, that would be cool, but ultimately our aim is to make sure people are having fun.

Magic City returns to The Berkeley Suite this Friday (9th) with Big Gully Mully Muz and Keoma. Entry is free before midnight and £5 after.

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