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Emerging from a Hillhead basement where they’d host impromptu parties that lasted all weekend, forever up-for-it party crew, Ezup, made things official when they headed down Woodlands Rd to The Berkeley Suite, before settling into their new home at La Cheetah Club. Holding court underneath the chaotic drag of Queen St, they’ve wasted no time in making a name for themselves, hosting some of the city’s most exciting local talent alongside on-point favourites from across the electronic spectrum. Jimmy Edgar, DJ Haus and Todd Edwards are just some of the big-hitters who have provided standout moments at the club, while ‘troops only’ parties have seen the residents take care of business too: “No gimmicks, no bullshit just a room full of like-minded folk all having a fucking good time.”

Ahead of a special grime takeover at La Cheetah Club this Friday (30th), we took the opportunity to get acquainted with one of Glasgow's most consistent parties:

How did Ezup begin and what is the ethos behind the night?

It was something that was bubbling away for a while but we weren’t quite sure how we wanted to execute it. We had been DJ'ing for a number of years at parties and from there we hosted a number of parties in flats we were staying in at the time. There was the ‘Gbo’ on Gibson Street where we lived, and ‘Pillhead Street’ on Hillhead Street where we partied and Ezup was probably born – if not definitely conceived.

The Hillhead Street gaff was something special - as I’m sure many will vouch for - as it was a basement flat and we used to party in there from Friday to Monday with hundreds of people passing through the door; half of them we couldn’t pick from a line-up – but seeing all these people enjoying themselves gave us the belief that we could put on a night, and a fucking good one at that.

The ethos hasn’t changed from when we first started putting on parties in the basement flat – no gimmicks, no bullshit, just a room full of like-minded folk having a fucking good time. Our bookings have followed suit, hosting really good DJ’s that we've usually seen elsewhere and have been really impressed with, as opposed to a producer with a few good tracks.

What’s been your favourite party so far?

That is a difficult one to tell you the truth. The inaugural party back at The Berkeley Suite was special because we hadn’t done anything in a club before and somehow managed to come close to capacity. The 1st Birthday with DABJ and Denis Sulta - which was Sulta’s Glasgow debut - was another night that will live long in our memory as we had only just moved to our new home at La Cheetah.

Also, shouts need to go out to Jimmy Edgar, Dan Shake, Barnt, Jasper James, Domenic Cappello, The IAM, Mia Dora, Todd ‘The God’ Edwards, Jonnie Wilkes, The Revenge, DJ Haus, DJ Deep and General Ludd who were all next level. It still amazes us that we have been able to put these amazing artists on; guys who have been killing it for longer than we have been about.

However, for us, the show earlier this year with Jeremy Underground takes it. He is so dedicated to his trade and loves what he does which is refreshing to see, and there was no ego or bullshit; just a sound guy with killer tracks who is in love with the music. His set was unreal and the club was bouncing from start to finish.

Where do you like to hangout in Glasgow away from the club?

We don't go out anywhere near as much as a few years ago, which is a sad state of affairs, so our local hangout points probably won’t come as a surprise. The gaff’s the best place to hang: drinks are cheap, you can smoke inside and the DJs are good!

When we do venture outside, spots like Max’s, The Arlington, The Rum Shack and The Allison Arms is where you'll find us. Music spots that we can be found in – Rubadub (obviously) and we recently managed to check out Palais de Danse which has some really nice 2nd hand stuff.

What can we look forward to from EZUP in the future?

This Friday (30th) we’re doing something different than we normally do, hosting a grime takeover with Paisley MC, Shogun and his M.F.T.M crew. Shogun is going from strength to strength at the moment, and we can see this being truly explosive on the La Cheetah soundsystem. We’re also joined by local DJs Greenman and Bushido (who’s already collaborated with M.F.T.M).

After that we have two very special parties: the first being our 3rd Birthday with Young Marco who is really great! He's another true selector who follows our booking ethos, and it’ll also be his La Cheetah debut so we’re really excited for that one. After that we have someone who is well liked in the city, knows how to work a crowd and is actually performing a brand new live set which should be something really special. That night will be a collaboration with the club which we can’t say anymore about just now, but will definitely be one not to miss. We’re also already working on guests for 2017 and we are starting a wee thing through in Edinburgh next month.

Ezup host their grime takeover with Shogun, M.F.T.M, Greenman and Bushido this Friday (30th) at La Cheetah Club. Advanced tickets are available from Resident Advisor priced at £5 (excl fees).

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