Words: Alex Caslano
Interview and concept: Chester Cornford


With a taste for Tonic Wine and a zero-fucks attitude, All U Need are the young team who are just out to have fun. With a home at Bath St’s perennial empty, Flat 0/1, it’s perhaps unsurprising that this party comes free of pretension, and with an anything goes music policy (seriously, we’re talking banging trance to 80s melters), there’s a sense that anything can and probably will happen. Ready to welcome the next wave of unsuspecting freshers to Glasgow, they’ve lined-up a Miami Vice-themed night at The Buff Club this Sunday (18th), where they’ll be DJ’ing from a 16ft speedboat (what did you expect?).

Read our interview with founders, Zander and Alex below:

How did All U Need begin and what is the ethos behind the night?

Zander: All of us at one point worked together behind a bar in the same club. We all shared a love for good tunes and had done some DJ gigs here and there. We decided that together we could put on a night where we could play the tunes we love to people who'd like to hear them. As simple as it sounds, the aim of the night has always been to have fun and stay true to what we enjoy.

What’s been your favourite party so far?

Alex: It has to be the first 'Infrared Bangers' night. From an idea conceived cutting the grass to having a packed out venue on a mid summer Wednesday, we couldn't have predicted how insane it would be.

Zander: Our favourite party so far has to be the Infrared Bangers night - what a screamer! A complete flashback to a time where your biggest problem was school homework! The turnout for both events we held was unbelievable; it was just fun-filled tunes and ridiculous BPMs the whole night.

Where do you like to hangout in Glasgow away from the club?

Alex: We normally chill at Zanders gaff. We meet there to discuss serious business over a glass of Tonic Wine. A few of us work in The Buff Club, which is a cool place with loads of fun things going on...one of them being our forthcoming Miami Vice night.

What can we look forward to from All U Need in the future?

Zander: Themed nights are where it's at! On Sunday the 18th of September we're holding our biggest event to date at The Buff Club - All U Need X Miami Vice. We're going to be DJ'ing from a 16ft speedboat...should be a laugh. After that we have an even bigger event which we can't announce quite yet, but keep dem eyes peeled folks!

All U Need host their Miami Vice themed party on Sunday 18th September at The Buff Club.

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