Words: Alex Caslano

From an intimate basement bash at Sleazy’s to headline shows with Hudson Mohawke and Benji B, Freaky Freaky has firmly established itself as one of Glasgow’s favourite parties. And I use the term ‘party’ in its most traditional sense. The music, the guests, the vibe, the artwork - it was all about fun. And let’s face it, if you don’t go to a club to have fun, then what’s the point?

But as with everything in life the party can’t last forever, and this Saturday Freaky Freaky hold their last dance after nearly five years of booty-shaking, rump-rumbling good times. With a music policy which threw everything from slow jamz to boom bap and bashment into the mix, Freaky Freaky was an invitation to get loose and loud, becoming a DJ’s favourite too. Whether it was Éclair Fifi dishing out dancehall, Jackmaster laying down R&B classics or fresh-faced talent in the form Inkke and Milktray doing their thing, it was all-inclusive partying for those who like to dance.

I think I speak for everyone when I say Freaky Freaky will be sorely missed – or as one person eloquently put it: “Will miss grinding to Amerie on a Friday and forgetting I have to teach weans on the Monday. It's been a blast.”

Ahead of the final Freaky Freaky this Saturday with the likes of S-Type, The Blessings, Ryan Martin and Raji Rags, we asked Freaky founders, Sam and Jackson, to pick some of their favourite posters and parties from the last five years:


“We started the night because we felt that clubbing in Glasgow at the time (2011) was just so, so serious. Don't get me wrong, I did/do enjoy it but we knew that DOOF DOOF DOOF for four hours wasn't for everybody. At every after party we went to, the first thing anyone would draw for on Youtube was an R&B or rap song, and instantly the place would be #lit. So we thought why can't we have a club like this?

The only other clubs at that time where you could hear that music were the likes of Bamboo or Kushion or whatever, but we wanted to create a very different atmosphere. And that's how we ended up in the ol' Sleazy's basement. At the first night, the vibe was just crazy; Bobby and Claire killed it and they continued to be a big part of the night going forward. We'd never seen anything like it. Guys and girls up dancing from start to finish, literally NGAF.

We got a lot of slagging from some of our other "serious" dj mates for the music, but really who cares? People are having fun, that's all that matters. That attitude really sums the night up.”

12/01/12: JINTY + I HATE FUN

“This was when things were reaching peak Sleazy's. Absolute sweatbox vibes from quarter past 11. We played alongside a young Inkke and DJ Milktray that night and they smashed it.”

18/05/13: THE HEATWAVE

“Carnival vibe with whistles and horns in the deepest depths of the Make Do basement. The whole crowd of 600+ people was moving from side to side in waves - it was mad! This might not be one of our favourite posters but it is definitely the most silly. And of course in true Glasgow style, the rain was bouncing off the street from about 9am on the day of the party. Not an ice cream in sight.”

01/02/14: LIVIN’ PROOF

“These guys are some our favourite party DJs; there are four of them and they all bring their own flavour to the night. We previously had Budgie and Khalil to play in Chambre 69 (RIP) a few months before, but this was the first time the whole crew made it to Glasgow. Ridiculous night. Unfortunately we couldn't get them all up again, but Raji Rags is joining Martelo to headline the party on Saturday.

Gabriella from Risotto designed the poster for us this time. She has been involved in the night from the very start and was key to working with us on the visual identity; we cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and for putting up with thousands of crap/nonsensical emails - she has the patience of a saint!”

25/05/14: PIU PIU

“We think this is my favourite poster that Gabs did for us. So simple but effective. Unfortunately the party itself didn't turn out to be so easy. It was scheduled for the day after everyone's hand in at the Art School before the degree show, and there was a lot of hype about it. We had Piu Piu from Parisian collective GirlsGirlsGirls over to play her debut Glasgow Show plus some of our favourite regulars.

Everything was going fine until the Mac burnt down. It was a pretty traumatic day for a lot of people, particularly those in fourth year who were burst from working to get their final pieces ready only to see their efforts literally go up in flames. We thought about cancelling the party but decided it was best to still run with it.

Obviously we couldn't use the Vic but Mutley from SWG3 stepped in and saved the day as he so often does. Everyone was super generous and we managed to raise some money to go towards materials for those who lost their work/equipment etc.”

The last ever Freaky Freaky is this Saturday (June 11th) at The Art School. Advance tickets are available from The Art School website priced at £10.

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