Glaswegian synth band Machines In Heaven have shared a new video for the Modifier remix of ‘Feel Slow’, a track which originally featured on their 2014 EP ‘Hindu Milk’.

Directed by Liam Dickson and produced by Fisheyemoments, the video depicts a dishevelled punter stumbling back to his flat after a heavy sesh, gubbing a pint of milk and collapsing on the couch. Experiencing a series of delirious flashbacks and hallucinogenic visions, he dreams of being a successful artist, playing to an adoring crowd.

“The video is a conceptual collaboration with Machines In Heaven” says Dickson. “The concept was looking at Glasgow nightlife and club culture from the perspective of a hangover and the male fantasy of being a performer when absolutely binned.”

Shot in various locations in and around Glasgow city centre - including a strobe-illuminated scene at the Sub Club - it perfectly captures that sensation of ‘The Fear’ and walking home in broad daylight completely MWI. Coupled with Modifier’s pensive, but electrifying remix, it makes for a sobering, but highly relatable viewing.

Machines In Heaven release their new album 'Phenomenology' in April via Hotgem, while Modifier release new EP ‘Eko’ on March 18th, featuring a remix from Silicone Soul.

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