WORDS: Alex Caslano

With a residency at the Art School and coveted releases from the likes of Inkke and DJ Milktray, Jon Phonics’ Astral Black label is now fully ingrained in the Glasgow beat scene. And it’s a scene which is seemingly rich in talent, as their next signing, Dressin Red, has been making waves here for the last six months or so. Originally from Edinburgh, Lachlan Bolt has caught the attention of LuckyMe, Boiler Room and of course ourselves here at SynthGlasgow, with a sound which is both delicate and delirious.

That theme of counterbalance is perfectly captured with his debut release, ‘Head/Body’, which as the title suggests, appeals to mind, body and soul. Played out over eight neatly arranged tracks, this is an EP brimming with idea and texture, quite literally connecting to the listener on a variety of levels. If you’re to believe the press blurb, the producer has tailored the songs to resonate on particular frequencies, with Side A (Head) focused on the listener’s ‘thinking vessel’, while Side B (Body) is ‘sculpted to vibrate the waves surrounding the listeners core’. It’s an interesting concept which has been brilliantly executed. Tracks like ‘First Flakes’ twinkle while swelling chords stir a sense of awakening; the EP’s opener, ‘Our Love’, commands your attention, but at the same time eases you into a state of satisfying seduction. On the flip, the appropriately titled ‘Body Plan’ picks up the pace with footwork drums and scattered percussion, while ‘Viennetta’ is akin to cascading down the rabbit hole into another dimension. Both considered and fluid, it’s a wonderfully visceral listen and has all the hallmarks of a producer that will go on to do great things.

Listen to the full EP below:

Dressin Red ‘Head/Body’ EP is available now on limited cassette and digital download from the Astral Black Bandcamp.

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