Since launching in 2012, Dan Lurinsky and Kenny Grieve’s Dixon Avenue Basement Jams has been responsible for some the hottest club tracks of the last three years. From Marquis Hawkes and Modini, to local upstarts Denis Sulta and Big Miz, it’s a label aimed squarely at the dancefloor, delivering a sound which is raw, funky and always out for a good time. Coupled with the imprint’s instantly recognisable aesthetic, it’s no surprise that DABJ has taken off, with new releases often selling out in record time.

Fresh from hosting an explosive Boiler Room session at the Sub Club last week (crowd surfing and all), you can now hear the full story behind Dixon Avenue Basement Jams with this excellent documentary by Laurence Chan, Mark Kelly and Lefteris Kouklakis. From the “dug” that inspired the logo, to the early days of Monox and the influence of Glasgow’s limited licensing hours, this gives an excellent insight into one of dance music’s hottest new labels.

Listen back to Dixon Avenue Basement Jams recent Rinse FM podcast here.

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