He’s not known as the ‘One Man Synth Orchestra’ for nothing. Presiding over a wealth of hardware, John Clark aka Debukas is armed to the teeth with kit, and boy does he know how to use it. His 2013 album on 20:20 Vision, ‘I Am Machinery’, boasted some of the finest analogue grooves we hope to hear, all lovingly produced from his home studio with a sound which embodies the true essence of house. Obtaining his first Juno6 when he was just 13 (along with a Roland R5 Drum Machine), it’s safe to say that he knows how to get the most out of his gear, and recent EP ‘Transparent Living’ certainly stands testament to that.

Joining Pistols At Dawn for his first live show in Glasgow this Saturday, we took the opportunity to find out more about his favourite hardware, which you can expect to see stacked on stage when he lights up La Cheetah’s darkened basement:

Roland TR-707

“I love that this machine is sonically very limited but ticks so many boxes. Each part of the kit delivers some extra punch or lift when required. The sounds will be familiar to most people in a club as they’ve been on thousands of records. If things are getting lively this tends to get whacked up full pump.”

Roland SH-101

“This doesn’t usually get taken out to gigs these days for fear of losing it, but for my first live show in Glasgow I’ll make an exception. I’m playing this live but will also have it triggered from the 707 for some improvised sequencing and arpeggio action.”

Moog Minitaur

“This has become indispensable for my live sets. Pretty much every bassline is now coming off this, whereas a while ago there were lots of different bassline loops coming from Ableton. This neat little bad boy gives me consistency and versatility in the bass department, and it’s a Moog so it sounds just so good.”

Dave Smith Tetra

"The latest addition to the live setup, and I’m still kinda getting my head round it. It’s a different take on polyphony than I’m used to - basically a 4 voice Mopho but you have 2 oscillators for each voice; in other words, tremendous. Again, handing over a load of the parts that have been coming from Ableton loops feels like a good thing."

Debukas performs live at Pistols At Dawn this Saturday with DJ Dribbler on support. Entry is £5 before midnight, £7 after. Debukas' 'Transparent Living' EP is out now on 2Sox.

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