Following the launch of his label 2Sox earlier this year and his first full release since debut album ‘I Am Machinery’, John Clark aka Debukas returns this month with a fresh EP called ‘Dream Travel’.

Featuring four glorious jams which reflect the very last rays of summer, it offers more of the crystallised, organic house we’ve come to expect from the “one man synth orchestra”. Lead track ‘Carloway’ was inspired by a holiday to the Isle of Lewis, and the classic piano keys which appear half way through certainly evoke a sense of escape. On ‘Moons’, meanwhile, we're pitched down to a hypnotising 112bpm, with what sounds like stardust sprinkled over bubbling sub-bass and filtered chords. “Take some time to drift away to another planet with this one”, he tells us.

Fittingly, the whole EP sounds like Debukas returning from a deep-space odyssey and heading straight to the studio, with sparkling synths and deep, shimmering pads weaving between analogue drum patterns and warm, cushioned basslines. ‘Dream Travel’ provides just the kind of escape we need on a Monday, and it comes with enough groove to see us through to Friday night.

Debukas – Dream Travel EP is available in November via 2Sox. Pre-order the 12” vinyl via Juno Records.

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