Words by Colin Brownbill
Interview by Chester Cornford

Tomorrow night Boiler Room makes its seventh visit to Glasgow, presenting two of the city’s most colourful labels...

Huntleys + Palmers and Highlife have provided an outlet for both local and international talent over the last five years, introducing us to artists ranging from Auntie Flo (who released his acclaimed albums ‘Future Rhythm Machine’ and last year’s ‘Theory Of Flo’ on H+P) to Helena Hauff and highland producer, Cain.

While long-established imprints like Soma, Numbers and Optimo Music may be the obvious labels that spring to mind when you think of electronic music in Glasgow, H+P and Highlife have become equally vital, occupying their own space and sound while exposing some of the city’s abundant, but often over-looked talent in the process.

This is reflected in H+P’s free ‘Clyde Built’ compilation (embedded below) which features 22 quality cuts from Glasgow’s emerging producers, and it’s also reflected in the lineup for tomorrow’s Boiler Room showcase. Ahead of the broadcast, we grabbed a quick word with Huntley + Palmers’ main man, Andrew Thomson, as well as local selectors David Barbarossa and Hush:

SynthGlasgow: Boiler Room is an excellent opportunity to showcase your own style and taste, as well as breaking brand new music. What sort of stuff have you got planned for your sets?

Andrew: I’m having a bit of a dilemma between playing forthcoming label material over personal favourites. I don’t want to miss anyone out from either label, so might go down the personal route more. Tune in to find out.

David Barbarossa: I'll mainly be playing oddball party platters - strictly ‘taps on’ tunes. Can I add that I'm excited to see the new Auntie Flo line-up. I reckon Laurie (Pitt from Golden Teacher) is going to bring something special to proceedings.

Hush: I genuinely have no idea what I’m going to play; my mind is jumping from doing something more like my mixes and radio show, with dialogue, sound EFX, pitch-shift, shit played backwards...or just play all new tracks, bandcamp artists, my favourite labels and friend’s projects.

I guess I’m way too excited, and thanks to Andrew's amazing invitation I feel genuinely pretty blessed to be on the bill with such a grand group of Glasgow luminaries. And initially I was all blasé and relaxed cos Andrew hadn’t actually mentioned at any point when messaging me that it was Boiler Room!

SynthGlasgow: Andrew, how does it feel to be representing Huntleys + Palmers on Boiler Room in the city where it all began for you?

Andrew: Aye, it will be fun. The response has been great so far and this broadcast will hopefully shine a light on other parts of the scene that haven’t really been represented on a platform like this before.

SynthGlasgow: You've released a free compilation of ‘Clyde Built’ music on Bandcamp. This is now the 7th Boiler Room in Glasgow. Do you think Glasgow's reputation as a front runner in electronic music is increasing, and being more widely recognised?

Andrew: It’s difficult to tell; there’s always been great stuff happening here whether it’s recognised beyond the city or not and I think most would prefer it that way - just getting their heads down and being creative.

The compilation is a good example. I originally had planned to release a 4-5 track EP on vinyl before moving back to Glasgow, but the longer I’ve been here, the more great artists I’ve connected with and it’s began to grow arms and legs. Each are making some incredible music across the board - which would be comfortable on any decent label - and it feels more like hobby for a good few of them than anything else.

Some I’m sure have ambitions and will go places, but I get the sense that many are happy being involved, making music and will continue to do so with or without recognition; which I think is a lot healthier than the alternative which would be chasing after some short lived hype and attention. I would like to think that there is a stamp of quality from an unknown Glasgow artist though - hence the title of the compilation.

Huntleys + Palmers Vs Highlife will air this Wednesday (May 4th) on Boiler Room between 7-11pm. You can request an invite via the Boiler Room website. The afterparty takes place at The Art School from 11pm with JD Twitch and Kornel Kovacs. Entry is £5 OTD

Huntleys + Palmers on Soundcloud
Highlife on Facebook
Boiler Room Website

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