When it comes to detonating the dancefloor, Hostage takes no prisoners. Whether it’s his rapid tune selection or punishing productions, there’s no compromising when he launches into a set. Standing by the wall simply ain’t an option when Alan Parley is in the booth. The Edinburgh-based producer has been responsible for a string of no-nonsense bangers over the last eight years, notching up releases on Black Butter, Simma Black and Four40, taking his feverish brand of electro, bass and techno right across the globe.

This Saturday Hostage joins Hotflush heavyweights Dense & Pika for Don’t Label at The Art School – a new night dedicated to hard-hitting house and quality techno. Ahead of the party, Hostage talks us through his pre-set prep, ear-marking five tracks which are likely to cause some serious damage:

“Here's some tunes that are floating my boat at the moment and I’m looking forward to playing out on Saturday - some of them for the first time. Join me in prepping the set…looking forward to seeing the reaction to these belters.” - Hostage


“This creates ripples of butterfly flutters within me and whooping noises in my mind. I realise I'm meant to be warming up and this is possibly warmer than just warm - especially when that 4/4 clap slaps you round the puss. Defo sweat predicted.”

2/ EJECA – GRAIN (Flash Recordings)

“Jeezo this sounds quite pacy…gonnae have to pitch this one down a tad. I envisage us all drifting off into some dewy-eyed thousand yard stare at those breakdowns, then jolting into action with some heads-down hypno-pump.”


“Och, this is also gonnae need the pitch down treatment; I do rather enjoy pitching down some faster techno tracks though – then they sound even more intense and hypnotic. Oooft, that off-kick clap section is a killer. Total thumper.”


“Massive flangey cowbell roller / odd percussive wig-out / seriously shaky groove!”

5/ PARUBALLAR – PERCEPTION (Vacant Recordings)

“Think I'll drop this one - I like the way it all sounds a bit out of tune and off-kilter. It makes me feel uneasy in a rousing way, and crikey, I'm not sure I've played a tune out that has that long a snare-roll in years, if ever. It sounds like being pleasantly smashed. Just played it 3 times there. It's in the bag.”

Listen to Hostage’s February Mix below:

Hostage plays alongside Dense & Pika at Don’t Label this Saturday at The Art School. Advance tickets are available from Resident Advisor. Hostage ‘Fluxx’ EP is out now on Four Three Six.

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