Words: Chester Cornford

Christian Soukup is a DJ and producer befitting of his alias. As Borrowed Identity, his discography plays like a multitude of different producers, having released shuffling rhythms on DVS1’s Mistress Recordings, housey disco edits on Homesick, and stripped-back deepness on Foul & Sunk. His DJ sets take the same form too - self-characterised as like a ‘chameleon’ - moving across a spectrum of dancefloor sounds.

A fan of clever sampling, his track selection and production demonstrates his musicality and knowledge, with his releases supported by some of the most respected DJs around. His sets have taken him across the globe, playing at prestigious venues that remain a pipedream for all but a select minority – he’s been invited to play Panorama Bar and Watergate numerous times over the last twelve months.

And most impressive? The Berlin-based, Romanian talent was only born in 1990, meaning he has far outstripped many of his peers. A quality booking for Electric Salsa then, who host Borrowed Identity tonight (Nov 10th) at La Cheetah. Having only emerged in May, Electric Salsa have welcomed Bamounou and Happa to Glasgow, with fun-focused parties that keep things lively.

With a booking this hot, we decided to track down Borrowed Identity and convinced him to reveal some of the staples of his record bag:

1/ Brawther - Gsm's Life (MLIU Dub)

2/ Mike Huckaby - Sandcastle (The Culture Box Re-Edit)

3/ Jeff Mills - Colbolt

4/ Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

5/ Mr. G - Blessed

6/ The Nighttripper – Phuture

Borrowed Identity plays Electric Salsa tonight (Nov 10th) at La Cheetah Club. Advance tickets are available from Resident Advisor priced at £5 (excl fees) or £7 OTD. Borrowed Identity currently has remixes out for Jacques Renault and Ben Sims.

Borrowed Identity on Soundcloud
Borrowed Identity on Facebook

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