Words: Colin Brownbill

With four years of parties under his belt, a growing catalogue of distinctive productions and a label which consistently releases quality underground house and techno from around the world, Kyle Thomson aka Boom Merchant has made an indelible impression on Glasgow’s club scene.

A shining example of what can be achieved through absolute dedication, his party and label, Tribal Pulse, has been established from the ground up and is standing strong in an increasingly congested market.

Creating a buzz with quality, exclusive bookings (including the likes of Sandrien, Ramon Tapia and Dave Seaman), and making sure his parties stand out with bespoke visual installations, it’s an operation driven by passion and perseverance.

With some of Tribal Pulse’s busiest parties being all-night sessions with Thomson and two turntables, the value of the resident is not lost on his dancers either; so ahead of his four hour set this Saturday (18th) at Stereo, we asked him to select five tracks which are making waves for him at the moment, pulling out records ranging from Matt Kamil's hypnotic and emotive remix of 'Sakura Fall' to Boom Merchant's own late-night trip, 'Haka':


"I was sent this track a month or two ago and I think it's perfect to start the night. The really beautiful melodic loop combines well with the vocals to create some proper atmosphere. It's a simple arrangement of sounds, but with a lot of space and depth; it always relaxes me when I listen!"


"Amsterdam is a great place to go record shopping and I picked this one up last time I was over there to play. The whole EP is fantastic, colourful music and the other side is absolutely worth a listen, but this track in particular has a great energy for the dancefloor. It's quite subdued for the first minute or so, and then that huge synth line and the rapid hihats start firing and it all kicks off. It's a really fresh and futuristic take on old school ideas, and I love it to bits. It's out now on Martyn's 3024 label."


"This is a really nice techno builder with a tough edge. Spektre creates a driving groove using many elements from the original including a nice subtle vocal loop, and adds these massive, deep horns that always get a big reaction. The kick is huge and the percussion is nice and crispy. What more do you need?"

4/ AUBREY - DOWNTOWN 66 (Shelter)

"I'm always looking for sounds that have interesting and distinctive characteristics, and this track is full of them. I was sent it a few weeks ago and when I first heard the crazy rhythm with the big 808 boom underneath and the almost 8bit melody, it made me sit up and listen. It runs through a lot of different phases and goes totally mental at points. It's the debut release for the Shelter label, so I'm interested to see where they go from here. It's out next month but you can preorder the vinyl from their Bandcamp page!"

5/ BOOM MERCHANT - HAKA (Asymmetric)

"This is the latest track I've released and the first on the Asymmetric label. I'm really excited about this collaboration and I've got some absolute weapons coming out on the label soon! It's a nice, tough drum groove...dark but with lots of nice Moog bleeps. The vocal samples are of course from a Maori war dance, but it's being performed by two different groups of huge Kiwis at the funeral of their friend, as is their tradition, so they're going to town, but in a highly emotional setting. I worked a lot on cutting and pasting different phrases together with some well placed FX to make one huge rant, and it was great fun to build the groove around it."

Boom Merchant plays all night long at Tribal Pulse this Saturday (18th) at Stereo. Advance tickets are available for £5 (excl fees) from Resident Advisor. Boom Merchant's track 'Haka' is available now via Asymmetric.

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