WORDS: Alex Caslano

He’s the man behind some of dance music’s most stimulating graphics and he's been commissioned by labels ranging from LuckyMe to Hyperdub. Going under his Konx-om-Pax moniker, Glasgow's Tom Scholefield has produced animations for artists such as Martyn, Hudson Mohawke and Jamie Lidell, his inimitable style attracting attention from around the world. For the past year, however, he’s been working closely with another of electronic music’s most exciting artists, Matt Cutler, also known as Lone.

Having designed the sleeve for Lone’s fourth album, ‘Galaxy Garden’, the pair hooked up again for last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Reality Testing’. “I met Matt at Warp20 down in Sheffield when I was doing visuals for Hudson Mohawke, and then again at a Glasgow show he was doing” recalls Tom. “According to him I was a bit pissed and he asked if I could do his next album sleeve because he was into my stuff.” With Tom’s visuals acting as the perfect compliment to Lone’s music and vice versa, the resulting artwork would eventually lead to an astonishing A/V show which the pair have taken to dizzying heights. “We get on really well and the working relationship is easy; he normally instantly likes anything I send him which is handy!” Premiering a new version of the show next week at the Art School in preparation for an upcoming North American Tour, we were keen to hear more about its development:

“His music and vibe has been ingrained in my head so long now that it’s quite a straight forward process because we have such a similar taste in music and art” Tom tells us. “Matt had the concept for the ‘Reality Testing’ artwork so I just followed his instructions and it was probably the quickest thing I’ve stuck together for him.” Tom may be quite matter-of-fact about it, but check out the pair’s Boiler Room session from Moscow (or ideally go to one of their shows) and you’ll find a truly inspired and cohesive experience, with Tom’s liquid visuals warping in time with the music, taking you on a mind-bending journey. “It’s always been a work in progress; seeing what stuff works in a club environment is so different from the studio” offers Tom. “(The new version) is just gonna be way more refined and high impact.” Away from the visual side of things, Tom also produces music under the Konx-om-Pax moniker with 2012’s ‘Regional Surrealism’ well worth checking out. “I’ve got a new album coming out on Planet Mu at the end of the summer hopefully; it’s the best thing I've ever done.” Time to get excited.

Check out Lone’s live A/V set with Konx-om-Pax below:

Lone and Konx-om-Pax present their new A/V show at the Art School on April 3rd. Tickets are available in advance from Resident Advisor at an early bird price of £5. ‘Reality Testing’ is out now via R&S.

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