The world’s biggest underground streaming site, Boiler Room, will address the degrading commentary which has become endemic in the comment sections of their live streams recently.

The move comes after Glasgow-based producer and DJ Nightwave slammed comments following her set on Boiler Room Paris last night. Misogynistic, sexist comments also plagued streams of Ghazal, Toxe and Mobilegirl during the Staycore showcase yesterday afternoon.

After seriously smashing her set in Paris (watch the full thing here starting at 1hr 30min), Nightwave issued a series of tweets which cut the haters down to size (with inimitable style):

Having done their best to extinguish degrading comments during the stream, Boiler Room later posted: “you guys (and it is mostly guys) spewing shit on the chatroom are a disgrace to the music you claim to enjoy / support. Enough is enough. More to follow in coming days.”

Speaking to FACT, host and programmer at Boiler Room, Gabriel Szatan, also said:

“We obviously can’t just shut down any comment when someone is like, ‘they fucked up that mix, that song is shit’, but we can’t allow straight up vile transphobic, misogynistic, racist things to carry on. We’re scratching our heads on determining how to monitor it but we know that today is the line in the sand. It [will be] difficult, but that’s not to absolve ourselves. As the biggest live streaming company in the underground that should stand [up] for its liberal values, we know now that it’s our responsibility to lead the field.”

Watch Nightwave's full set on the Boiler Room website (starting at 1hr 30mins).