May 10, 2013

Local Hero: Holobeams - Unreleased EP

LOCAL HERO: Holobeams – Unreleased EP

Unfortunately this came just a little too late to enjoy in the satisfying warmth of Tuesday afternoon, but rest assured, Holobeams' latest EP will have its moment in the sun. Comprised of four beautifully layered soundscapes, ‘Unreleased’ is sweet, mesmerising and something best heard in blissful serenity. Each track flows effortlessly into the other, but it’s EP opener ‘Rose Tinted’ which has the power to truly seduce…

Holobeams – Unreleased EP (Buy Via Name Your Price)

Unreleased by Holobeams

Jerking you back into reality, here comes a head-nodding remix from Soma-favourite Funk D’Void. Taking the filtered, chop & change sound of the Strip Steve original, you can expect something much meaner from the Glaswegian techno-stalwart, introducing a fair dollop of rave and a drop which hits hard in the jugular. Expect cowbells, distortion and everything else conducive of a ‘banger’.

Strip Steve – Stomp (Funk D’Void Remix) (BNR) (Buy)

Strip Steve "Stomp (Funk D'Void remix)" clip by Funk D'Void

And here’s something else that would have gone hand in hand with a dose of sunshine. RJay Murphy is steadily becoming one of Glasgow’s most promising new talents, fusing a whole host of classic rnb vocals to some body-moving instrumentals. As the title suggests, ‘Blige’ takes the vocals from ‘Family Affair’ and puts them on a reflective summer groove.

RJay Murphy – Blige (Bootleg/Unsigned)

RJay Murphy - Blige (Promo Track) by RJay Murphy

We’re counting down the days until the next release on Foto Recordings and as each track appears online, we’re getting more and more excited. OOFT!’s own contribution to Foto-009 is a slow-burning slice of long-range disco which stretches far into the horizon on an 80's tinged bassline and scintillating synths. Cue widescreen shot of Knight Rider zooming across the Nevada desert at sunset…

OOFT! – Jareth’s Revenge (Foto Recordings) (Pre-order)

OOFT! - Jareth's Revenge [Foto-009] OUT 20.05.13 by aliOOFT