Oct 5, 2012

Local Hero: Dam Mantle - Dublin

LOCAL HERO: Dam Mantle – Dublin

Dam Mantle’s debut album ‘Brother’s Fowl’ is what we’d like to describe as an essential purchase. Twisting the very foundation of electronic music into his own inimitable sound, it perfectly captures what the producer has been working towards over the last few years. ‘Dublin’, featuring on both ‘Brothers Fowl’ and the ‘Dam Mantle and Lovers’ Rights EP’ is a journey which no matter how many times taken, always sends you in a diffrent direction.

Dam Mantle – Dublin (GETME!) (Buy)

Things just get hotter and hotter for the seemingly restless talent of Glasgow’s very own Illyus. Following on from a number of late-night jams for the likes of Sccucci Manucci and Dash Deep Records, he returns this week with his first release on Tronicsole. You may remember us posting lead track ‘The Rescue’ back in March, but some seven months on it’s the B-Side ‘2 See’ which is getting our feet shuffling…

Illyus – 2 See (Tronicsole) (Buy)

Illyus '2 See' Tsole095C by Tronicsole

Miaoux Miaoux could well lay claim to one of the best remix packages of the year with the ‘Autopilot EP’, enlisting everyone from Tom Furse of The Horrors to Edinburgh’s Discopolis to give it that distinctive edge. But it’s our tropical friends over at Highlife who have delivered the EP’s killer-cut, using bouncy, rhythmic percussion to give ‘Hey Sound!’ an exotic twist.

Miaoux Miaoux – Hey Sound! (Auntie Flo & Esa Remix) (Chemikal Underground) (Buy)

Hey Sound! (Auntie Flo & Esa Remix [EDIT] by Chemikal Underground

Finally, we have a feeling this might come back with a vengeance when the full stream goes up, but in the meantime you’ll just have to accept a very short, but utterly slamming preview of BF Hoodrich’s mix on Lockah’s new single ‘…True Muscle Suicide’. Gleaming with a tough future-funk which sparkles as much as it does devastate, this is what you would describe as a full-frontal banger.

Lockah – This Is True Muscle Suicide (BF Hoodrich Remix) (Unknown)

Lockah - This Is True Muscle Suicide (BF Hoodrich Remix) [teaser] by Taz Buckfaster