Jun 14, 2012

Local Hero: OOFT! - Make U Mine


We think there was perhaps a universal sense of relief when Instruments Of Rapture finally released ‘The Streets Are Alive With The Hounds Of Music’ this week (of course tinged with sadness at being the final offering from the label). But what a way to go out, and to be honest we could have chosen any of the three tracks represented by Glasgow producers to be Local Hero, but it’s Ali OOFT! who takes it with the irresistible ‘Make U Mine’. Damn fine and right on time.

OOFT! – Make U Mine (Instruments Of Rapture) (Buy)

Bunty Beats is genuinely unstoppable at the moment. His work-rate is something to be both admired and applauded as he churns out nothing but heat on a weekly basis. With a new EP coming out in July, he’s somehow also managed to put together a 16 track instrumental package called ‘Atmosphere’. We couldn’t choose just one cut, so here’s the full sampler in all is glory:

Bunty Beats – Atmosphere (Mixking Records) (Buy)

Bunty - Atmosphere [Sampler/Beat Tape] by Bunty Beats

And here’s something hot from a producer called 27B who we’ve recently discovered. Released on his own label, Sonic Code, ‘Your True Self’ is a solid slice of grinding Tech House which is both hard-hitting and strangely reflective. With a vocal sample detailing the inner workings of the mind, you’ll find yourself quickly absorbed by what is a hypnotic late-night roller. 

27B – Your True Self (Sonic Code) (Buy)

27B - Your True Self by 27B

Finally, from the unsigned corner, here is someone we’ve identified as having serious potential. Going under the name Magil, this 20 year old producer deals in super-slick House with a throwback flavour. Latest offering ‘X’ employs fluctuating synths, classic vocals and enough flavour to get you jacking like Antoine Clamaran at a D-Plac reunion (look it up).

Magil - X (Unsigned)

x by Magil.