May 25, 2012

Local Hero: Esa & Mervin Granger - Crazy Bird

LOCAL HERO: Esa & Mervin Granger - I Knew This Crazy Bird

Well, perhaps somewhat predictably, today’s Local Hero Award has been influenced quite heavily by the scintillating weather, and when we heard Esa & Mervin Granger’s utterly astounding ‘I Knew This Crazy Bird’, our decision was obvious. Creating an atmosphere of pure bliss, the combination of Balearic chords, reflective synths and a vocal sample which is lighter than air makes this the ultimate embodiment of summer. Exceptional stuff.

Esa & Mervin Granger – I Knew This Crazy Bird (Rememory Music)

And we continue this week with something equally as laidback from Mirrors. Continuing to adhere to his seemingly habitual need to turn out at least one production a week, ‘All The Reasons Why’ employs some familiar vocals over seven minutes of unadulterated digital soul. Layered with emotion and instantly engaging, this is perhaps his best work to date.

Mirrors – All The Reasons Why (Unsigned)

All the Reasons Why by Mirrors

We always get a bit excited when something new from OOFT! emerges, and his latest remix for Johannes Regnier doesn’t disappoint. With trademark basslines burning deep throughout, and a building tension which swells to a subtle climax, this is a perfect slice of late afternoon sun filtered through the soothing sway of tropical palm trees. Catch OOFT! tomorrow night at Quadrant V in Glasgow.

Johannes Regnier – Sundog (OOFT! Deep Down Remix) (The Healing Company) (Forthcoming)

Johannes Regnier - Sundog (OOFT! Deep Down Remix) Lo Res by aliOOFT

Finally, following on from Bunty’s Synth Presents… mix last month, the burgeoning Hip Hop producer has leaked a sample track from his upcoming Boom Bap EP with North Carolina’s Chox ‘Chose’ Mak on vocals. Appropriately titled ‘90’s Flow’, this echoes the sample-based flavours of Hip Hop’s golden era, adopting live instrumentation and a groove which is simply undeniable.

Bunty Beats & Chox ‘Chose’ Mak – 90’s Flow (Mixkings Records) (Forthcoming)

Bunty Beats // Chox [Chose] Mak - 90s Flow by Bunty Beats