Apr 20, 2012

Local Hero: OOFT! - Memories (Esa's Rememory Mix)

LOCAL HERO: OOFT! - Memories (Esa's Rememory Mix)

Choosing this week’s Local Hero was tough. The sheer volume of quality being pumped out of Glasgow at the moment is quite frankly ridiculous, but it’s with Rememory’s Esa and the ever dependable OOFT! that the award is presented. Released this week as a digital exclusive to the original, Esa takes lead track ‘Memories’ and brings it to a blissful climax amid shimmering synths and deep-burning basslines. An essential addition to an already exceptional release.

OOFT! – Memories (Esa’s Rememory Mix) (Foto) (Buy)

It seems Taz Buckfaster is on a bit of a roll at the moment. Following on from an incredible free download entitled ‘Moog Swings’, he returns this week with a hydraulic snapping mix on Krueger’s ‘40oz Bounce’. Employing the same futuristic gleam as the likes of Rustie and Hud Mo, this rolls like chrome rims on a 67 Cadillac, stuntin’ from start to finish. Look out for Taz in our ‘Synth Presents…’ feature soon.

Krueger – 40oz Bounce (Taz Buckfaster Remix) (Paradisiaca) (Buy)

Krueger - 40oz Bounce (Taz Buckfaster Remix) by Synth.

And speaking of Hud Mo, this week he contributed to a new remix album for label mates Battles. Dropping the bpm right down to a sure-footed 86, this is an eccentric take on what was already a rather peculiar record. Focusing in on what we’d like to think is a sample from Battle’s local ice cream van; ‘Rolls Bayce’ is big, bouncy and fun, much like Melinda Messenger.

Battles – Rolls Bayce (Hudson Mohawke Remix) (Warp) (Buy)

Battles - Rolls Bayce (Hudson Mohawke remix) by Synth.

Finally, we couldn’t sign off this week without acknowledging Mirror’s incredible ‘Superior EP’. Jumping out your speakers like The Neptunes in neon, each track saunters with enough self-assurance to go head to head with any of his American counterparts. Stand out track? For us it was the ray-ban rocking ‘Swag’ – bouncing 808s and enough shine to leave you temporarily blind.

Mirrors – Swag (Free Download)

Swag by Mirrors